When does the research take place?

The route research takes place from June 2017 until December 2017.

Who carries out the research?

The research is carried out by research agency Studio Bereikbaar collaboration with the municipality

Why this research?

The municipality Eindhoven is working towards an attractive, healthy, and accessible city. To do that,
insight into the city’s inner and outer traffic is important. There are currently traffic numbers
available, but it is mostly unknown as to where people are heading to, which routes they use, which
vehicles they use, what the travel times are, etc. Data from the Mijn040Routes helps the municipality
and its partners in the development of new routes and regulations, the establishment and
distribution of areas or developing new mobility services.

How do I join?

Follow these 3 simple steps:

  1. Download the app: Sesamo (iOS/Android)
  2. Register with the standard account. That way, your participation will be anonymous.
    Domain: 040
    Name: routes
    Password: 2017
  3. Register before 30 September and receive a gift of €5.- voucher three weeks later! Redeem your voucher at Brandstore Eindhoven.

How do I receive a €5 reward?

If you enter your email address in the app within three weeks from the date of registration, you will receive a voucher by email with the value of €5, provided you have filled in your email address in the app. You can redeem this voucher at Brandstore Eindhoven at Stationsplein 17 for great gifts!

Please note: you can cash in your voucher for all products in the store, with the exception of: gift cards, stamps, and OV chip card.

What happens after 3 weeks of tracking?

When the tracking period of three weeks ends, you will receive an email from us with your €5 gift voucher. We will then track your movement data for one more week. After week four, the app stops tracking, so you can then delete the app from your phone.

What happens to my data?

All your travel data will solely be used for research purposes. Your travel data will be collected anonymously and cannot be linked to your personal data. When you enter your email address in order to receive the voucher of €5, it will only be used to send your voucher.
Look here to see how Sesamo guarantees your privacy

Is participation anonymous?

Yes. Personal data is never linked to the data we receive concerning the movements. The only personal information we obtain is your email address if you enter this. This email address is in a different location than the GPS-data, ensuring participation is anonymous.

Can I participate without a smartphone?

Unfortunately, it is only possible to participate if you have a smartphone (Android or iOS), on which the Sesamo can be installed.

The app does not register my routes (well). Why is this?

To ensure that the app is able to properly register your movements, you can check the following:

  1. Does the app have access to your location information?
  2. Are you connected to the internet via WiFi or mobile data?

It works like this: the app tries to get information from data towers around you to determine your location. To be able to properly convert this information to a location, an internet connection is required. When you have no internet connection, the app does register some trips, but there is a possibility that (parts of) trips are not registered.

It can also happen that movements are shown in the app at a later time, but this should not take
longer than 24 hours.

I have a different question, where do I go?

For all your questions and inquiries, please contact: info@mijn040routes.nl

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